Dental Cosmetics

A beautiful smile is important to feel good in society, to a beautiful view. Studies estimate as key to the success of a beautiful smile. We can help you to have such a smile. Tooth Whitening, Porcelain Veneers, etc ...

Many people feel that their smile lets them down, and this can be a source of embarrassment or anxiety. Perhaps there was no opportunity to have braces as a child; maybe the teeth were damaged in an accident; or possibly accumulated wear and tear has just taken its toll. Advanced modern dentistry offers the chance to transform a smile and thus the facial appearance. And we find that when you have a better smile you use it more often!

There are many techniques available and a high level of skill and experience is required when deciding the best approach for an individual. A simple case might just require whitening the teeth. Dramatic results can be achieved, although existing crowns or fillings will not be whitened. Silver amalgam fillings look unsightly and often show through the sides of teeth making them look grey or black. Replacing the black amalgam fillings with white filling materials can make a ‘piano keys’ smile look white and natural again. Even better is the use of porcelain inlays or onlays, which build up and restore the contour of worn and damaged teeth using a very durable material.

Few people have naturally perfectly straight teeth and there are many ways of aligning them. These include the use of braces to straighten healthy teeth (this is still possible in adults although it can be a lengthy process). If braces are not an option then porcelain crowns can be used to change the shape of teeth. A further technique is the use of porcelain veneers – or facings – to change the visible surface of the teeth so that shape and/or colour can be modified. These require less preparation than crowns and can transform a smile in a couple of weeks. Often there is more than one factor involved and one must look at the whole smile in order to achieve the best long-term results.

Porcelain Veneers


faseta porcelanozaPorcelain Veneers are a form of cosmetics where a shell or coating composition with a colored porcelain in tooth color is placed on the surface of your tooth to fix flaws, absence, or bad position of the tooth space.
Although is included in the category of dental cosmetics, this after creating shining well sorted white teeth Veneers help damaged tooth surface and can eliminate the need for further treatments. Other benefits from the use of Veneers include the strengthening of dents and improvement of smile without removing the tooth, such as in cases of crowns.

Teeth Whitening

zbardhjaIn the ever growing world of cosmetic dentistry teeth whitening reigns supreme. Recognized by the mens and womens alike, whitening treatments are available to satisfy every person regardless of budget, time and demand.
Whether in the form of short sessions or prolonged treatment of tooth whitening in dental clinics are functioning very well. Physically every person who applies for whitening treatments see from moderate results to a substantial improvement in his teeths.
The whitening is not a permanent solution and requires careful maintenance and occasionally treatment at the clinic in order to have whiter and shining teeth.

White Fillings


Most people have old gray fillings in their mouths. Today fillings can be tooth colored white and natural. It makes your fillings not distinguished when you laugh and open your mouth.
White fillings were considered weak for many years. Today they are just as strong with new improved materials.

Especially after whitening colored fillings can be distinguished more by creating contrast against teeths.The white filling is seen as a good opportunity.