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We are proud of our dental clinic.


Welcome to Ahmetaj Dental Clinic website !

In our clinic you will find the full range of dental services provided by a skillfull staff,
Cosmetic Dentistry – services like teeth whitening, Veneers to make them uniform, white fillings, etc. .. to have the smile you’ve always dreamed of.
Treatments – fillings, gum cleaning etc. ..
Laboratory – Dental Bridge, Teeth Corone, and total or partial denture with metal-porcelain and zirconium materials,.

You will always find maximal dedication and quality.

Zirconium Teeths

zircom 1Zirconium is one of the best materials for teeth.
Some advantages it offers are:

1. Extreme Durability.
2. Color, the same transparency with natural teeth
3. Modificable form
4. Great acceptability from the organism

Aesthetic effect of zirconium is a great advantage. Teeth that look natural and stronger and more acceptable by the body.

Panoramex Digital X-Ray


Analysis of dental problems through digital x-ray panoramex to know correctly the dental health situation of the patient and to advise for intervention.

The specialized staff study the dental x-ray results of the patient which is in digital form.